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Tuition and Fees

1 class per week                              $80 Per month

  2 classes per week                           $100 per month

  3 classes per week                           $120 per month

  4 classes per week                           $140 per month

                  Unlimited classes per week                $175 per month                   

 (Solo unlimited plan Includes 24 hour gym access) 

24 hour GYM Access Pricing with


 $60.00 enrollment with Access key and

       $35 per month with 12 month membership

Family Plans available

Drop in Fees for every class $25.00

2 family members $200.00 per month (unlimited classes)

3 Family Members $300.00 per month, (unlimited classes)

4-6 Family Members $400.00 per month (unlimited classes)


* Start up $99.00 per athlete, includes BJJ GI and Belt and 1st annual fee of $25.00.  Also includes 1st month of unlimited classes

Jiu-Jitsu Students will need to purchase a rashguard and shorts or spats

* Every January all students will pay an annual Fee of  $25.00

* Mixed Martial Arts programs will be assessed a $25.00 testing Fee for Rank Testing up to Red Belt

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