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Whats New at Adrenaline for 2019? Yes we have a NEW 24 hour access gym!!!

We’ve had a lot of folks ask us about the gym side of our training center. We’ve had a martial arts center in Carson City for 10 years now with a primary focus on Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, MMA, Karate, sticks and edged weapons. We were voted Carson City’s best martial arts school for 2018! Nothing has changed there we’re just ramping up the program with BJJ black belts, master level martial arts and weapons instructors, as well as pro level kickboxing and MMA trainers. Whats really new is that we’ve opened a new and bigger location with a whole new functional fitness side. We’ve been super busy building out the location so we’ve been pretty quiet on what our mission is but its time……. We are a 24 hr access limited membership functional fitness gym. What this long description means, lol, is that we’re not looking to compete with chain gyms or large foot print gyms or CrossFit gyms or personal training gyms. We’re bridging the gap between all of them and offering something a little different. Our focus isn’t on a floor full of treadmills or specialty cable machines. We combine free weights with multi use cable and plyo equipment able to accomplish a broad spectrum of exercises. We’re building a tribe of cool people looking to train with a focus on functional fitness. We don’t want you to have to pay a monthly fee just to have figure it all out on your own, our staff will happily help anytime you ask and we will give a short intro to all of our equipment and different workouts with no sales pitches and no predatory contracts! Of course a 24 hour access means you can workout whenever you want. We will be offering personal training from top level competition coaches and also group personal training so that you can get more affordable coaching in a small group. Parents with kids in martial arts can use the time to get a workout in themselves. Honestly, as a limited membership gym we aren’t looking for volume like a chain gym, which means we can be picky with who an dhow many memberships are given. A large portion of our tribe is LEO's, Fire, EMS, correctional and military and offer a 20% discount to any public servant. Starting January 1st we are opening our first tier of enrollment to students friends and family. Starting January 15th, we'll be opening enrollment for the first 50 founders club group at $25/month and a one time $25.00 key access fee.

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