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Welcome Professor Sam Rice to Adrenaline Training Center. Competition BJJ Classes Begin this week!!

Adrenaline Training Center welcomes BJJ black belt and world champion competitor Professor Sam Rice to the tribe. Professor Sam hails from the infamous Amazonas/Rice Bros Jiu Jitsu and has been training since he could stand, blessed by having a father who's a black belt under Rickson Gracie, and brothers who are all high level competitors. Professor Sam will be teaching competition level classes Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Mornings from 0900-10: or until they are done, (often 1.5-2 hrs). The classes are open to regular ATC students and also anybody else looking to get some cross training in for a drop in fee. Professor Sam will also be offering one on one Private lessons at $60/hr., a great price for a high level competitor black belt. Sign up at the front desk for Professor Sams classes and come join a class for the next level of Competition BJJ. Classes BeginThursday January 3rd.

Here is a partial list of Professor Sam's accomplishments in BJJ

2016 Bronze Medal IBJJF World Champion

2015 SJJIF World Champion

2014 US Open Champion

2014 IBJJF Dallas Medium Heavy Champion

2014 5 Grappling Champion Portland Oregon

2014 National Champion

2013 Torq Champion

2013 U.S Open Champion

2013 SIlver Medal Absolutes American Cup

2013 American Cup Champion

2012 Naga No Gi Champion

2012 Nage Gi Champion

2012 American Cup Champion

2012 U.S Open Champion

2012 Silver Medal All Stars Adult Division

2011 Silver Medal U.S Open

2011 Warrior Quest Champion

2011 Pan American Champion

2011 Jiu Jitsu By The Bay No Gi Champion

2011 Jiu Jitsu By The Bay Gi Champion

2011 Jiu Jitsu By the Sea Champion

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