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New Partnership at Adrenaline Training Center gears up for BIG CHANGES

We are excited to announce that Adrenaline Training Center has a new partnership and we have formed a powerhouse team. 3 friends and teachers with over 20 years of friendship but bring over 70 years of training experience have come together to make Adrenaline the Training Center of the Future. We are excited to announce that we are now in partnership and part owned by Brandon Brady, Marissa Beck, and Brian Beck. Marissa Beck brings in over 10 years of experience in the martial arts, she has earned her first degree Black Belt in mixed martial Arts under Master Instructor Brian Beck, she is a Purple Belt in Lowell Anderson Jiu-Jitsu, and a Brown Belt in Diestro Escrima. Marissa is the program director for Adrenaline and one of the instructors that teaches every discipline we offer. Brandon Brady is the newest owner and partner of Adrenaline and he comes in with over 30 years of Martial Arts Experience, a 4th degree Black Belt in mixed martial arts, and a Brown Belt in Lowell Anderson Jiu-Jitsu. Brian Beck brings in nearly 30 years of experience in martial arts, he is a 4th degree Black Belt in mixed martial arts, a 3 stripe Purple Belt in Lowell Anderson Jiu-jujitsu, and a 1st degree Black Belt in Diestro Escrima. Brandon and Brian have both spent time training and fighting in Thailand and all 3 have had the opportunity to train with some of the most talented martial artists from around the world. BIG NEW THINGS are happening. We have been in business in Carson city now going on 9 years and we look forward to the next 9.

These 3 athletes, along with Adrenalines team of coaches are bringing an extremely high level of training options to Carson City. We have a pro level boxing coach, we teach Lowell Anderson Jiu-Jitsu under Professor Paul Braseau, and we have amazing Jiu-Jitsu teachers and team members. Our Mixed Martial arts coaches and Kickboxing program are set to help you reach your goals with an MMA record of 13:2 we aim to increase those wins in the coming years. Our recent victories have been on the Jiu-Jitsu mat and we are working with the areas next group of kick boxers looking to take to the ring in the future. Our kids program is growing rapidly and we are making more than just solid athletes, we are helping form the future generations of awesome people but they keep bringing in medals from local and distant competitions.

The team looks to expand their gym around October of this year and they will moving into an 8300 sq ft facility in which they will have a full training center for members coming in with 2 phases as well as an expanded class schedule. Currently we offer morning and evening classes and we are excited to expand and grow this team.

Phase 1 (October 2018)

The center will have 1800-2500 sq ft of mat space, a full cage, an awesome heavy bag class station with over 15 bags, expanded classes, and much more!!!

Phase 2 (November-December 2018)

The training center will add a full functional training center with many new items and space for all with a specialized 24 hour access. Showers will be added to the facility and functional fitness classes will be added throughout the day, 5 days per week. Members will be able to train for their goals in many different areas in a different style of facility that allows and caters towards athletes and members wanting to push their limits. More to come!!!

Come down now and get your family locked in at our founders pricing and join the team of champions that operates as a family. Come for the training, Stay for the life change.

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