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Sierra Adrenalines First Black Belt Test

On Saturday March 14th Sierra Adrenaline Martial Arts Academy held its very first Black Belt Test for CGN Marc Gerhart. Marc took his very first martial arts class 26 years ago and is a very accomplished martial artist. He also holds 2 other brown belts and is a Lowell Anderson Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt. CGN Marc started Sierra Adrenaline at it's infancy with the new modern Mixed Martial Arts Curriculum and he was instrumental in helping develop and test out all of the practices and techniques used today. He has spend over 20 years in teh military and over 16 years as a police officer.

CGM Marc was evaluated by a panel of 10 Black Black Belts, 5 Master instructors and one 9th Degree Grandmaster, all from a mix of martial arts styles and backgrounds which fit well as this style is a Mixed martial arts system. CGN Marc set the bar high and represented a very high level of expertise and knowledge. He set the stage for what a Black Belt means at Sierra Adrenaline. His test covered several ranges including; stand up basics, traditional forms, Stand up Striking from Muay Thai, Boxing, Goju-Shorei, and JKD, Israeili Combatives, American Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Philipine Stick and Knife, Street Self Defense, Judo, Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, and the new adaptive form of Mixed martial arts including ground and pound. At the very end of his test his skills were put to the test against another amazing 3rd Degree Black Belt in live matches of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Ground and Pound, and the final Fight with Mixed Martial Arts Rules including ground striking and submissions. CGN marc represents the new modern approach to Mixed Martial Arts with a main focus on street self defense as taught at Sierra Adrenaline.

Thhe founder of Sierra Adrenaline commented, "We are honored to have CGN Marc Gerhart represent our first Blak Belt in Sierra Adrenaline History. I am honored to have him represent our program and what we stand for. It has been said that the teacher is often the student, that is absolutely the case and I am honored to continue to grow and learn as a team with our newest Black Belt, CGN Marc Gerhart."

BKJN Brian Beck

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